About Naila

About Me

Hi, beautiful ladies of Liverpool!

My name is Brigita, my dance name is Naila. I was teaching belly dance at my dance school in Lithuania for 12 years.

During these years I witnessed many women changing because of this amazing kind of dance, I was so happy to hear their feedback how belly dance helped them with the back pain, how it was healing their low esteem, depressed moods, let them find and express their femininity, to smile happily and many other beautiful stories.

I always had two types of clients: lovely women of any age, shape, who wanted to dance just for their pleasure and health, and motivated ladies, who wanted to achieve some results in contests, or even to earn money offering shows at different events.

My students successfully participated in many contest, we have a collection of cups and diplomas, received nice feedback from the international belly dance stars.
2 ladies, my students, became belly dance teachers themselves and I am very proud of them.

I created and implemented many choreographies.
I started a show group, that is successfully giving shows and earning money at different events.
I organized many haflas, summer camps, that were always relaxing and enjoyable for the ladies.

I will be very happy to share my experience, my love for belly dance and people!

I was learning The art of Belly dance at the various, famous, amazing teachers from the different countries.

Shool “Magnolia” (Lithuania) - Certificate of graduating a course of Technique of Belly dance

Juliana Petersone ( Latvia) – “Basics of Belly dance”

Suha Deeb (Liban) – “Technique of smooth movements and combinations in belly dance”

Irinita Jouman (Latvia) – “Classic oriental song”

Charafe Ennaji (Morocco) – “Spicy Moroccan shaabi shikhate style

Kathreen Derouet (Czech Republic) – “Oriental playground”

Margarita Kamjaka (Latvia) – “Baladi style”

Natalia Lubinskaja (Latvia) – “Oriental style”

Jelena Sheremat (Lithuania) – “Street shaabi”

Ausra Stukyte (Lithuania) – “The art of acting”

Juliana Petersone (Latvia) – “Oriental dance”

Daniella (Russia) – “Saidi – technique and choreography

Juliana Petersone (Latvia) – “The art of acting in Belly dance”

Rachid Alexander ( Netherlands ) - “Baladi choreography”

Yulianna Voronina ( Ukraine) – “Latino- belly dance”, “Tabla solo”

Marta Korzun (Ukraine) – “Tarab”

Mahdy Emara (Egypt) – “Shaabi”

Rolia Walocha (Poland) – “Moroccan shaaby”

Orit Maftsir (Israel) – “Oritoriental style choreography”

Sandra Kahloun (France- Tunise ) - “Oriental language through the movements of arms and hands, their placement and expression as interpretations of emotions. Study of the voice rule.”

Aleksey Riaboshapka (Ukraine) – “Art of Dabke”
“Tango with veils fusion”

Khaled Mahmoud (Egypt, the UK) – “Oriental style”

Also I know and include in my lessons basics of the body ballet and yoga.